Talent Management Systems Drive Talent Hoarding Not Talent Promotion

By Michelle Malay Carter on October 31, 2007 

Missing High PotentialIt?is not too much complex work that burns out employees, but rather too much unchallenging work that leaves employees cynical and opting for self-employment.

Most Talent Management Systems are Designed to Hoard Talent, Not Promote It
Unfortunately, when you are under employed but conscientious, most self-interested managers reward you, their diligent, go-to employee,?with more of the same, lower-level work, when what you really need is a promotion.

Why I’m Now a Consultant
Over a decade ago, I told my boss I was bored with my job for months,?while continuing to be?reliable and conscientious, never letting the ball drop.? I made her days easy, and I was naive enough to believe she would advocate for me to higher-level management.

Not only did she not advocate for me, she shielded me from the view of upper management to hoard my talent for her benefit.? What can I say?? Systems drive behavior, and she was working the system.

The day I informed my boss that I was applying for a position in another division and she knew my departure was likely imminent, she all but secured me a major promotion within my current division.

Amazingly, the day before, I was only capable of being her personal lackey, today I was capable of being a Regional Sales Manager.? So in the end, she did the right thing, and today I consider her a friend.? Although I did take the job in the other division.

Talent Management and Succession Planning – The Fox Guarding the Hen House
Until organizational talent systems are designed to ensure more than one set of eyes are focused on employees’ future potential, employees with future potential will be leaving organizations.

I’m OK.? You’re OK.? Let’s fix the system.

Have you ever had a boss who hoarded your talent?

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