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Pit the most motivated employee against a dysfunctional system, and my moneMichelle Malay Cartery is on the system every time.*

Until emphasis is placed on creating people systems that enable productive work, organizations will continue to get in the way of their employees.

This blog is dedicated to creating awareness surrounding a total system approach to managerial leadership, talent management, and organizational design that will unleash the full potential of employees.

Let’s stop trying to change employees to suit the organization. Instead, let’s focus on designing an organization that has reliable systems in place to align employee capabilities, gifts, and interests with the work that needs to be done.

Work has the potential to be a noble, highly-gratifying expression of a unique human soul.

Unfortunately, ignorance surrounding work levels and human capability cause organizations to unwittingly thwart and frustrate workers more often than they create conditions for the full expression of their gifts.

I’m OK. You’re OK. Let’s fix the system.

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Michelle Malay Carter‘s passion is to help executives structure their organizations so that employees are matched to work that allows for the fullest expression of their talents so they might reunite with their families after work feeling accomplished, energized, and fulfilled.

During her own pursuit of this lofty goal, Michelle accumulated over 15 years experience in training and organizational development, as well as several years? experience in marketing and communications. Unfortunately, she never found the perfect fit of challenging work paired with insightful management.

After a decade of resisting being fixed, Michelle ran screaming from the corporate world to create her own management consulting firm, Not Necessarily Training Solutions, to steer companies toward fixing root causes of dysfunction and away from trying to fix people.

In addition to being an author and speaker, Michelle is currently expressing her talents to their fullest as a Senior Consultant with PeopleFit. She works with executives to enable productive work through requisite science-based organization design, talent management, and managerial leadership systems rooted in trust and fairness.

Their work is based upon Elliott Jaques’ total system model, Requisite Organization, which Michelle sums up with her mantra:

I’m OK. You’re OK. Let’s fix the system.

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*Paraphrased from Geary Rummler