The Golden Rule is Pyrite

By Michelle Malay Carter on January 28, 2010 

The golden rule is pyrite.One of the greatest life lessons anyone can learn is that WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.?? When we treat others as we would like to be treated, it may or may not be well received.? If it is not well received, we consider the others to be ingrates, and so the downward spiral begins.

From the Carter Home Laboratory
One time a confident, gregarious little girl who had visited with her mother once before, visited my home a second time.? My daughter who leans toward the bashful side, hid from the girl.??Confused, the little girl asked me, Why is she mad at me??

This little girl, who was not the least bit intimidated or at a loss for words in social situations, could not conceive of what shyness was.? Her only explanation of why someone would hide from someone else was that they must be mad.

I wonder how much of life’s tension and anxiety stems from placing our interpretive grid over top of others actions based upon our own temperament?

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