Hate Your “Boss on Paper” but Receive Leadership Elsewhere?

By Michelle Malay Carter on May 26, 2009 

Too Many Managerial Layers Bogs Down the Work Having too many reporting layers in an organization creates frustration and slows decisions and communication down.? It impedes work.? Considering that humans are wired to work, they get cranky when their work is impeded. Best Intentions Does Not Always Equal Best Practices Organizations often add management layers […]

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Technical Issues – Mission Minded Management Is Back

By Michelle Malay Carter on May 26, 2009 

My ability to post mysteriously disappeared.?? It appears to be back. I’m OK.? You’re OK.? My system needed fixing!

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Elliott Jaques – Requisite Featured Guru at The Economist

By Michelle Malay Carter on May 11, 2009 

The Economist has recently profiled Elliott Jaques, the creator of my favorite meta-model, Requisite Organization. The profile is adapted from ?The Economist Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus?, by Tim Hindle (Profile Books; 322 pages). The guide has the low-down on more than 50 of the world?s most influential management thinkers past and present and […]

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