The Golden Rule is Pyrite

By Michelle Malay Carter on January 28, 2010 

One of the greatest life lessons anyone can learn is that WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.?? When we treat others as we would like to be treated, it may or may not be well received.? If it is not well received, we consider the others to be ingrates, and so the downward spiral begins. […]

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High Potential + Zero Opportunity = A Tragic Waste

By Michelle Malay Carter on April 22, 2009 

On a similar note as my post, Cognitive Surplus Gone Bad at San Diego State, it turns out the surviving teenage Somali pirate was?not just a flunky, he was the ring leader.? According to the AP and the Fort Worth Star Telegram, “Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse grew up destitute in Somalia, the oldest of 12 children […]

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Requisite Organization – Endlessly Misunderstood

By Michelle Malay Carter on April 21, 2009 

Requisite Organization is a meta-model created by Elliott Jaques.? When people oppose it, I generally find their opposition to be based upon misunderstanding. A client who is undergoing a Requisite Organization implementation received the following question from an employee, and I helped craft a response.? Hierarchy bashing is en vogue these days, but what is […]

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Stop the Vicious Cycle by Discovering — It’s Not All About You

By Michelle Malay Carter on April 15, 2009 

To continue on my life lesson theme from my last post, Is the Story You Are Telling Yourself Helpful, today I want to point out that it’s not all about you! When we realize that people rarely do things “to us”, “at us”, “because of us”, but rather because of what is going on inside […]

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Is the Story You are Telling Yourself Helpful?

By Michelle Malay Carter on April 11, 2009 

My former manager, Becky, had a slew of health sensitivities.? She did not eat meat.? She could not tolerate dairy; she was sensitive to many fragrances;she was allergic to lanonlin, an ingredient in many cosmetics and lotions. I remember sitting in her office one day as she ran down this extensive list, and I was […]

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Young, High Potential Leaders – Use Wait Time to Build Character

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 25, 2009 

In terms of requisite cognitive capability, high potentials graduate from college with the ability to problem solve at work level 3 or 4.? Which loosely translates into a director or vice president type role within an organization.??I say?loosely because?we know without a collective understanding that a universal measurement system exists for work, titles are useless […]

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Poised to Fix the System – A Friday Funny

By Michelle Malay Carter on January 22, 2009 

Now that system fixing is en vogue, system fixers are too.? They are being invited to all the big events.? Can?you spot your favorite executive leadership management consultant in the crowd??? Hint:?Look for the red arrow. I’m OK.? You’re OK.? Let’s fix the system. Thanks to

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Merry Christmas – Hope, Peace, Joy

By Michelle Malay Carter on December 24, 2008 

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Thanksgiving and Happiness Linked

By Michelle Malay Carter on November 27, 2008 

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States, and although the average US standard of living has steadily risen over the last decades, self-reported happiness has declined.? Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to remind ourselves that things do not make for happiness. Gratitude Research Dr. Robert A. Emmons wrote a book, thanks!,?detailing his research on gratitude.? His […]

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What is the Opposite of a Yes Man? A Friday Funny

By Michelle Malay Carter on November 21, 2008 

Do You Agree? This week we’ve been talking about emotions.? For most of us, nothing stirs them up more than an opposing viewpoint. My client used a term for?a non-yes woman the other day that was so spot on that I can’t get it out of my head.? I wasn’t sure where the term fell […]

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