Requisite Organization Introduction Training Course – June 5 – Raleigh – Durham, NC, USA

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 29, 2009 

Curious about Requisite Organization?? Join us for a 3 hour introductory course in June. Bringing Leadership Science to OD and HR June 5, 2009 Regus Corporate Center, Meridian Parkway, Durham 8:30 am – 11:30 $170 – Click to Register and Pay Online Many mainstream management models focus on fixing individual employees through training or coaching, […]

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Hidden High Potentials and Underachievers – There is a Blog for You!

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 26, 2009 

My friend Forrest of Requisite Writing, a blog aimed at hidden high potentials aka underachievers, thinks the advice I offered young, high potential leaders about using wait time for character building in my last post was a bit naive, maybe uninformed – my words, not his.? He did, however, give me credit for being well […]

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Young, High Potential Leaders – Use Wait Time to Build Character

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 25, 2009 

In terms of requisite cognitive capability, high potentials graduate from college with the ability to problem solve at work level 3 or 4.? Which loosely translates into a director or vice president type role within an organization.??I say?loosely because?we know without a collective understanding that a universal measurement system exists for work, titles are useless […]

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Don’t Judge Too Quickly – A Friday Funny

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 20, 2009 

This week, we’ve been talking about assessing talent, and one part of that is judging cognitive capacity. Revisit Judgments We do caution managers to hold their judgments loosely because it takes a while to become skilled at making the judgments.? We encourage clients to perform a talent pool evaluation annually. Counter Intuitive Finding Also, it […]

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Talent Assessment – How to Judge Cognitive Capacity aka Complexity of Information Processing

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 18, 2009 

In my last post, I discussed human capability in terms of cognitive capacity or in Elliott Jaques’ terms, Complexity of Information Processing. Two Equally Valid Methods Used under Differing Circumstances I had an inquiry about just how one can go about determining cognitive capacity.? At PeopleFit, we use two methods for determining cognitive capability. Expert […]

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How to Match People to Roles – It’s Not Just about Personality

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 17, 2009 

“It is as if we are blessed with elegant tiles for a mosaic but have no design.? There are great ideas, insightful bits, and clever pieces but no artist with a plan for turning the assortment into an elegant, integrated picture.” –Beck and Cowan, Spiral Dynamics What is Work? Work is the exercising of judgment […]

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Felt Fair Compensation Implementation – From the Requisite Organization Model

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 11, 2009 

At the prompting of a reader, today’s topic is Felt Fair Pay Implementation, and it makes sense coming on the heels of my last polemic post on pay for performance. Background Reading On Felt Fair Compensation Felt Fair Compensation is based upon the work of the late Dr. Elliott Jaques and his meta-model, Requisite Organization.? […]

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Pay for Performance Doesn’t Work in the Corporate World, and It Won’t Help in Medicine Either

By Michelle Malay Carter on March 10, 2009 

I’ve talked at length about the dangers of pay for performance systems.? They end up driving all sorts of unintended behaviors.? Further,?they can lead to disengagement for your most highly principled employees.? We all know people who did everything right and did not meet their goals due to circumstances beyond their control.? Conversely, we all […]

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