NonCommission Sales Compensation – Is this Blasphemy?

By Michelle Malay Carter on August 24, 2009 

Show Me the Logic Should sales people be held accountable for their effectiveness (which includes?output as one input)?but their managers ultimately accountable for their output.? This is the standard of accountability that I have proposed be used for all employees.? If we held sales people accountable to the same standard as all employees, does it […]

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How to Avoid Scapegoat Syndrome – Understand Work Levels

By Michelle Malay Carter on August 14, 2009 

Scenario:? A safety violation occurs at work on the front line.? Who is accountable? ?Understanding work levels can answer this question. Bye Bye Employee Engagement Holding the wrong person accountable reduces trust and fairness, and these are two precursors to engagement. Work Level 1 Accountability – The Front Line Employee Work to procedures and training.? […]

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Performance Review or Effectivness Appraisal – Be Mindful of What Your Systems Communicate!

By Michelle Malay Carter on August 5, 2009 

I worked?with?a client this week conducting requisite role analysis and?writing job descriptions.? Although this?project is not about?performance review, we recognize that these job descriptions?will then become the basis for performance review. Be INTENTIONAL Please Systems drive behavior so the systemic implications for the way the performance review is designed, and its stated strategic intent are […]

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