Measuring Employee Performance Tells as Much about the System as It Does the Employee

By Michelle Malay Carter on February 19, 2010 

In addition to old-fashioned happenstance, there are three main areas of influence over one’s performance within an organization: Three Areas of Influence over Employee Performance 1. The first is the person’s capability profile which is composed of a) knowledge, skills and experience, b) values, temperament and inhibitors, as well as c) current cognitive capacity. 2. […]

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How To Interview Your Prospective Boss for Leadership Potential

By Michelle Malay Carter on February 6, 2010 

Let’s face it – your boss can make or break your work experience.? S/he provides you context (aka the big picture), gives you your assignments, provides your resources, integrates your work with your peers, assesses your performance and helps build your skills in your current role.? Because of this, when you are interviewing for a […]

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