strategy+business and Ram Charan – Let’s Further Define “Altitude”

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 29, 2009 

In Author’s Choice:? What Is and Isn’t Micromanaging?,strategy+business discusses Ram Charan’s book about raising the level of corporate discourse, Owning Up: The 14 Questions Every Board Member Needs to Ask. The Right Altitude Ram Charan uses the phrase, asking questions at the right altitude.? Once again, intuitive proof that we all sense work levels, but […]

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Mission Minded Management Turns Two – I’m OK. You’re OK. Let’s Fix the System.

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 25, 2009 

Turning two this week is Mission Minded Management, PeopleFit’s organization design,?executive leadership, and?operational management blog that draws its theory from the meta-model Requisite Organization and draws its contents from the author’s work and life experiences.? Thank you for your continued?support and readership.? Please send a link to a friend! Here were the most-read posts published […]

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Operations Can Only Do So Much – When Will Boards Hold Executives Accountable for Executive Level Work?

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 23, 2009 

Clarifying Accountability When will we fully appreciate that the operational levels, aka work levels 1-3,?within an organization can only work within the confines set at the executive/strategic levels? Who Sets the Conditions? What do the executive levels directly control?? Executive levels: Create the strategy Decide the “business brand” Obtain the funding Select the geographic markets […]

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Who Is Accountable for “The Customer Experience”? Maybe Not Who You Think

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 13, 2009 

Customer Experience Surveys As an add on to my thoughts about scapegoat syndrome, I wanted to add a caution around data derived from customer experience surveys.? Are you measuring what you think you are measuring with these surveys? As Much about Systems as Customer Service When you ask a customer how their experience with your […]

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It’s Not About FINDING Talent. It’s about IDENTIFYING and TAPPING What You Already Have

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 3, 2009 

I answered the following question posted on LinkedIn, and I’m posting my response for your enjoyment: What are the most important factors needed to be considered for effectively managing talent? Talent, Talent Everywhere PeopleFit research, with over 7,000 data points, finds that about 20% of employees are UNDERUTILIZED. So the problem does not lie with […]

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