The Potential in Spotting Potential

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 30, 2007 

Chip Conley, a Fast Company blogger, started my neurons firing with the following sentence:? “I?ve always believed a great leader knows how to tap into potential and actualize it into reality.? Yes, I agree. ?Isn?t that what great investors do too?? Whether it be real estate, stock market, or venture capital.? I suppose if it […]

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Protecting High Potentials from Themselves

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 29, 2007 

After having to terminate a young, high potential for quasi-illegal activity in a highly regulated industry, a client of ours offered the following metaphor. There are hot stove assignments, and there are playing in traffic assignments.? Young, high potentials should be given hot stove assignments.? They touch the stove; they feel the heat; but they […]

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Is Micromanagement Inherent or Contexual?

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 27, 2007 

Chuck at I Hate Your Job had this to say about micromanagement: Have you ever stopped to consider why some bosses seem to be in love with micromanaging their employees? If so, then here?s your answer: They are incapable of managing in any other way. I offer that one person’s micromanager is another’s dream boss. […]

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Gain Accountability by Passing the Buck

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 26, 2007 

If I were to ask you who is accountable for your output at work, what your answer be? “Me,” of course. Good news! If organizations want to institutionalize accountability – employees can’t be the ones accountable for their output. So, pass the buck right on to your manager, s/he’s the one who has to own […]

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Equipping Managers with Management Technology

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 23, 2007 

Computer technology has long since left the hands of specialists and has been placed in the hands of the users. The days of the “typing pool” are gone. Could you imagine having to track down a specialist every time you needed to type an email, build a spreadsheet, or create a presentation? So why do […]

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What Work Could Be

By Michelle Malay Carter on September 22, 2007 

Work has the potential to be a noble, highly-gratifying expression of a unique human soul. Unfortunately, ignorance surrounding work levels and human capability cause organizations to unwittingly thwart and frustrate workers more often than they create conditions for the full expression of their gifts. Which has been your experience? Have you had a job that […]

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